Experience The Future of Play at the new LEGO®️ Certified Store at the Shangri-La Plaza


Experience The Future of Play at the new LEGO®️ Certified Store at the Shangri-La Plaza

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The first LEGO Certified Store under Ban Kee Trading Inc

June 18th is set to open this June 16 management in the Philippines.

MANILA, June 6, 2023- The newest LEGO Certified Store (LCS) ist o ‘Retailtainmenť feature the brand’s concept latest offering store design and set to new open at experiences Shangri-La Plaza on June 18, exemplifying its new interactive play and fun for more LEGOQ collectors nationwide. Erected under Ban Kee Trading Inc this significant milestone in the company’s history, with considerable fanfare and loyal LEGO expansion marks enthusiasts who will surely flock to Shangri-La Plaza for the exclusive gifts with purchase.

Ban Kee Trading, Inc, a prominent name in the Philippine toy distribution scene for over three decades, has long been a trusted provider of brands like LEGO in the country . With their commitment to quality and passion for play, it was only a matter of time before they took their partnership with LEGO to the next level by opening a certified store under its name and management.

When asked about what makes this particular store special, Justin Bautista, Sales and Marketing Head of LEGO Certified Stores at Ban Kee Trading, Inc. said, “This is the first new retail platform LEGO Certified Store in the Philippines, which has a whole new modemn and futuristic look and feel to the store’s interior, designed with unique features not found in other stores.

Here’s what makes it the modern and futuristic paradise it’s described to be:

THE CURATED STALLS: Explore, Touch, and Interact

Among the new features include the curated stall, an area with opened LEGO sets that visitor can touch and interact with. For this season, LEGO is all about the Ninjago sets, so customer on June 18th can have a firsthand look and touch of the exciting and action-packed.

Furthermore, an LED TV will also show details about the presented items and products.

Model Set Details
This dynamic unit offers range of exciting finest intricacies details. its of uniquely meticulously oversized crafted built moveable opportunities sets from for magnifying customer glass feature, interaction and extended dwell time. With visitors
can explore the various angles, immersing

Mini Figure can feature even and BAM make or clothes it Build as look a to like Mini closely their as Figure themselves hearts possible where (and or to their real looks!) customers loved life. can This ones, way, customize matching LEGO LEGO fans
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THE DIGIBOX: Unleashing the Power of Al
An Al-powered monitor that instantly displays and animates onscreen any LEGO set a customer scan will also be installed. Simply scan any LEGO set you have on hand, and watch as the Digibox brings the set to life through the power of Al animation.

All these will be within reach at the store’s grand opening on June 18, 2023. Exclusive gifts
with purchase such as the LEGO store set and LEGO brick laptop bags will also be available
on opening day for a minimum purchase amount and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Stocks
are also limited so LEGO fans are encouraged to visit the opening to get their hands on these
rare LEGO items.
To learn more about the LEGO Group and Ban Kee Trading, Inc, check out bankeebricks.ph, follow the LEGO Certified Store on Facebook and Instagram, and BanKee Trading, Inc on Facebook & Instagram or visit the LEGO Certified Store nearest you.
For media enquiries, please contact:
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VP for Client Services
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Advertising & Promotions Manager
Ban Kee Trading, Inc. – LEGO Phils.
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