Sculptra® links up with Skeen to Push for Natural Aging

Sculptra® links up with Skeen to Push for Natural Aging

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[Manila, Philippines] – In an exciting collaboration that promises to revolutionize the world of aesthetic treatments, Sculptra® and Skeen Face & Body Anti-Aging Center have joined forces to offer a new experience in beauty, wellness, and rejuvenation.

This collaboration brings together the innovative power of Sculptra’s collagen biostimulator injectable with Skeen’s commitment to promulgate innovation and introduce new breakthroughs in aesthetics, resulting in life-changing results that emanate from within.

Skeen, whose priority focuses on revolutionized anti-aging treatment with an individualized touch, is delighted to announce this visionary partnership. The driving force behind this collaboration is Skeen’s desire to give its patients the latest and most effective solutions for achieving health and wellness goals. The integration of Sculptra’s collagen-stimulating technology into Skeen’s roster of procedures reflects the clinic’s dedication to top-of-the line transformative results that exceed expectations.

Dr. Gisela Trajano-Sarmiento, President, and Medical Director of Skeen, shared her excitement regarding this collaboration. “Sculptra for me is a state-of-the-art treatment,” she said. “At Skeen Face & Body Anti-Aging Center, we are trying our best to slow down the aging process through age management. We are always looking for the best procedures that are natural and don’t over-do it and have no downtime. Sculptra is very natural, and therefore fits with our mission to manage age by being pro-ageing.”

Christine Legaspi of Galderma Aesthetics, spoke highly of Sculptra’s enduring impact on facial rejuvenation. “Sculptra’s collagen biostimulator injectable has consistently proven its remarkable ability to restore youthful vitality to the skin by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production creating subtle yet powerful enhancements that last for over 24 months.

Transformative Moments Unveiled with Sculptra�

At the unveiling event of this groundbreaking partnership, attendees were treated to a procedure that highlighted the potential of Sculptra in conjunction with Skeen. Individuals present at the were able to experience the natural changes that Sculptra brings about.

Participants recounted their experiences, with many expressing their amazement at the gradual yet profound results that Sculptra delivers. As the injectable’s collagen-stimulating magic worked from within, attendees observed a renewed firmness, improved texture, and enhanced radiance. These changes were a testament to the power of collaboration – where Sculptra’s science merged seamlessly with Skeen’s rigorous devotion to making sure patients are happy with their results.

The partnership between Sculptra and Skeen signals a transformative shift in the aesthetic landscape. Through their combined efforts, these industry leaders are poised to redefine how beauty and wellness are achieved, creating a legacy of timeless elegance and innovation.