Prime Mom Club: Kitchen Masterclass by Mega Prime welcomes moms with back-to-back cooking lessons, games

Prime Mom Club: Kitchen Masterclass by Mega Prime welcomes moms with back-to-back cooking lessons, games

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Through the fun cooking sessions and demonstrations, Mega Prime reminds all moms that #YouCANPala

JUNE 2022 — When it comes to good food, nothing can beat Mom’s cooking. Our moms have the super skills and secret ingredients to whip up dishes that are always tasty and guaranteed to delight everyone in the family.

To help Filipino mothers level up their cooking skills, Mega Prime held its first-ever Prime Mom Club: Kitchen Masterclass event last Saturday, May 28 with “Cooking Ina” Chef Hazel and the pro Chef Gerick Manalo. The Mets Place in Makati was abuzz with excitement as eager moms checked out the colorful mini booths overflowing with everyone’s favorite Mega products. More moms joined the event virtually.

Chef Hazel introduced moms to Kusina Speak, a super interesting session that covered the basics of cooking, sauce making, and plating. The segment helped moms understand terms that will make them even better cooks – cooking terms such as searing, pan frying, saute, deep frying, and the like. This was followed by “Ready, Set, Salang,” where Chef Hazel skillfully applied the cooking terms into an actual dish–Corn Chowder with Pan-Seared Chicken.

Adding to the enthusiasm of the audience, Chef Gerick then wowed the moms with more advanced cooking techniques and his cooking demo of a mouth-watering Herb & Garlic-Crusted Salmon with Truffle Bechamel Sauce – a tasty and healthy dish that he then plated to perfection.

For added fun and challenge, the moms were grouped into teams of 10, each team competing with one another for the best replication of Chef Hazel’s and Chef Gerick’s dishes. The chefs, of course, served as the judges. Quality, brand-new kitchenware was awarded to the members of the winning teams.

Also virtually present at the event was Prime Mom Club brand ambassador Marian Rivera who gamely welcomed the moms with some inspirational words that added to the positive vibe of the event.

“We’re very happy to welcome back our Prime Mom members to an on-ground event. We’re excited to get everyone involved in many activities that will empower them to prepare even tastier and more nutritious dishes for their loved ones,” said Chris Fernandez, Marketing Director.

“Our Prime Mom Club Kitchen Masterclass aims to help moms create upgraded recipes for their family, since eating delicious meals together is one of the best family bonding experiences,” added Raymund Alegre, Group Product Manager for Mega Prime.

“Mega Prime is always committed to bringing healthy meals to Filipinos with our high-quality, affordable products. We hope to have an even bigger community of Prime Moms in the near future,” concluded Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer.

Become the best mom you can be! Join Mega Prime’s Prime Mom Club, a growing and interactive community for savvy moms with the goal of helping you reach your prime potential in caring for your family. For more information about Prime Mom Club, visit