Organic Powdered Milk from World’s Largest Organic Dairy Producer Now in the Philippines

Organic Powdered Milk from World’s Largest Organic Dairy Producer Now in the Philippines

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Arla Foods, one of the world’s leading farmer-owned cooperatives and also known as the
world’s largest producer of organic dairy products, marks a significant milestone as it expands its footprint in Asia with their entry in the country.

Now, Filipino families can enjoy the delicious and nutritious taste of Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink as it hits grocery shelves nationwide.

Organic is the way to go

“Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink is a game-changer in the Philippines. We would like to give moms the confidence and assurance that what they give their kids is truly good, healthy, and nutritious, in all aspects. Organic milk is one of the finest sources of natural protein for your child’s growth and development. Arla Organic is 100% European Organic certified and produced only from cows that have been raised according to stringent European organic farming methods. This means that the cows can roam on lush green fields, fed with organic grass and feeds that are free from chemicals fertilizers and our farmer-owners do not use growth hormones/artificial methods to increase milk production. We always make sure they are well-fed, healthy, and comfortable at all times,” shared by Jens Christian Nielsen, Arla Food Senior General Manager in the Philippines.

Arla Organic Milk is produced in accordance with strict European Union environmental and animal welfare standards. In fact, Arla’s carbon emissions are just about only 50% of the global average per liter of milk which is a testament to all the hard work the farmer-owners have been working for sustainability through the years.

Arla has always been committed to providing nutritious and more natural choices because they know that good health is the number one priority of every family. “Health issues due to the current global pandemic has increased the consciousness of people on the quality of their food sources. This new reality makes more and more Filipinos on the lookout for healthier and organic choices. We at Arla Foods are glad to respond to this consumer demand with our presence here,” said Mr. Nielsen.


Protein is important for the child’s growth

“Kids nowadays have many forms of entertainment at their disposal and most of the time, these become distractions from the much-needed sleep of their growing bodies. It is during sleep that the body produces natural hormones to mend its muscles and build bones,” shared Dra. Paraluman Manuel, MD, DPPS member of the Philippine Pediatric Society and Philippine Medical Association.

Protein plays a vital role in helping stimulate muscle growth, especially during sleep.
Consuming 40 grams of protein does wonders for the body while at rest. Protein also makes up the skin, muscles, hair, and nails and is a significant part of almost all the processes that happen in the different systems in the body like digestion and muscle movement. Our body also relies on protein when it comes to immunity. In fact, antibodies that fight off viruses and bacteria are proteins. “Sufficient protein intake is important for the body to function well, as well as protect itself from infection,” shared by a pediatrician, Dr. Catrina Yang, MD, M.B.A.

As Arla Organic Powdered Milk Drink is made from organic milk, it retains all the natural
protein that you get from fresh cow’s milk. Drinking Arla Organic Powdered Milk may help supplement the protein lost during lack of sleep. When a mom gives her kids Arla Organic, she’s ensuring that the milk she gives has 50% more protein VS other powdered milk drink brands. Arla Organic also has the essential nutrients naturally found in milk such as Vitamin A, B2, B12, phosphorus and potassium. What you get is milk that doesn’t just taste good but does the body a whole lot of good too.

Consistent with the company’s vision of making organic products more accessible for consumers in the Philippines, Arla has made its Organic Powdered Milk Drink available across all key retailers including All Day, Landmark, Metro Gaisano, Puregold, Robinson’s, Rustan’s, Shopwise, Savemore, SM Supermarket, Shopwise, SM Hypermart and many more with a starting price of Php 50 per 1Ltr pack. The milk product is also readily available online at Lazada, Shopee, Metromart, and

About Arla Foods
Arla Foods is an international dairy company owned by 12,000 farmers from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden Luxemburg and the Netherlands. Arla Foods is one of the strongest players in the international dairy arena, with a wide range of dairy products of highest quality. Well-known brands like Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello®
belong to the Arla family. Arla Foods is also the world’s largest manufacturer of organic dairy products.